Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#6 Stalkers

Me:  Hi Mom, Are you feeling all right?
Mom: Yea. I'll make it.
Me: Ok... I feel like someone is watching. I'll go outside.
I went outside...
There was a deer... Oh no.
 But, he actually did good, doing three sixties and stuff.
Deer: Hi! My name is Evan. I just moved here from California!
Me: That's happening a lot... Wow! That's my name!
Evan: Oh, that will be confusing!
Later at school...
Mr. Welch: Hello students! We are going to share our book reports
But even as I spoke, I had that strange feeling like someone was watching me..
It was there all day!
When I played on a cardboard castle I made with my friends...
Or when some koala tried to explain "Clans" to me.
It was weird. I have never heard of clans. I suddenly felt different. Like in a forest.
With indians. It was strange...
I felt someone behind me...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

#5 James Family

So my Mom got layer down on the couch. Ralph kept he company.
She was acting weird.
Mom: Evan.
I gasp. Me: Mom are you feeling sick?
Mom: Na, I was messing with you.
Then she started singing.
Mom: Ninety nine bottles of milk on the wall, ninety nine bottles of milk...
She's a person who sometimes goes to the negatives or restarts.
I went outside.
Jess was bouncing on her pogo stick. And Rigby was watching.
Then James came. James: My cousins are staying for a month.
They will be at school.

If by cousins you mean gang, you're right, James. I thought about what to do.
They left one by one, glaring. At least no names.

The green crocodile stayed behind. I thought we were going to get punched, but...
Green Croc: Hello! My name is Gordon so nice to meet you! I am James cousin and...
He was friendly.
Gordon: This is Amy, my sister. A panda was behind hims and came up.
Rigby immediately spoke up. Rigby: Hi. And they were immediately friends.
Gordon: And this is my big brother, Carl.
There is a purple elephant standing there.
Carl turns out to be good a the pogo stick.
Me: Hi Carl, will you be at our school?
Carl: Ya, but in a different class.
We played around, then after the day was over, Rigby and I tossed the football.
I had the strange feeling someone was watching us though...

Monday, May 5, 2014

#4 Flappy Eagle Contest

Hitchhiker: Ok, how about Ralph decides?
Me: Ok. What's your name anyway?
Hitchhiker: Aidan.
 Ralph looked at me.
 Ralph looked at him.
I was so sure at that moment he would choose me.
 Then he said, "Family." and went to Aidan.
They went away. My dad came up to me. I didn't cry, but I looked sad.
How did you get Ralph? I asked. I told him what Aidan had told me.
"I got Ralph at the pet store!" he said. "He was just born. Aidan lied! He couldn't remember anything because nothing had happened yet!"
Me: What?!?
 My dad took my football.
 Took a good throw. Ralph: Ow!
I finally got Aidan after i chased him around. (Four leaved clover.)

 Aidan: It's true. I lied. I'm not his family.
I tried to imagine Ralph's real dad.
I had something else to think about though.
The yearly flappy eagle competition!
The prize was a phantom in an electrical box. XD
Eight contestants. I got in though. I just... got in.
The first animal went.

Then the second.
Then I went third. I really wanted that prize. I got eleven flaps. Not my best, but in first.
I watched another animal go.
Then a red monkey went, and got eighteen.
 I was disappointed, because that was a cool phantom, but I just said "Good job!"
Then I noticed mom was there. I have NO idea how she got in, but I definitely want her to win.
The rhine and seal went, but the red monkey was still in the lead.
Mom: Let's see, how do you start it.
Me: You press the big green button that says start.
Mom: What are the controls?
 I explain the game to her. And she starts.
She fails. She doesn't even make it to the cactuses. She hits the ground.
Mom: That was a practice round!
Judges: Ok, one more time.
I go do the right thing.
Now she's going. One. Two. Three. She get fifty eight.
Mom: Wow! Look at the phantom. I think it's real. Awesome!
It is pretty cool. I'm glad mom won, but I'm a little jealous...
Mom: I'll put it inside...
It was too late.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

#3 Spies in the sea

Alright! We'll settle this in a few hours! I gotta go do wrestling practice. Meet you at the pond, loser!
A few hours later after I meet with James... (I'll tell you about that later.)
I got into the race for some reason...

Are you ready? Yes! we say. Are you set? Uh, sure. Are you go? Uhhh...
BTW we have to get to the leaf pile...


The cheetah is going so fast that the deer bites his tail, and the eagle grabs on to the deer.
 Then trouble comes...
Well, it's bad that some animals got hurt, but good for my chances of winning. I go.
Then dive in the pile! Yaaaayyyy!

Now after that, we are taking family photos. The eerie sense of someone watching us comes to me...
Then I remember my four leaf clover.
How James and the other guy got like that... Well it's a funny story.

So we were at the pond and James says Breath Holding Contest!
I was fine with that, my clover would save me.
Ok... (I couldn't back out or James would bully me.)
 Then we both take breaths and go underwater.

James goes down deep, but I stay right there just below the surface when... Ow!
I lose my breath and paddle out of the pond.

Minutes late James comes up and snatches the clover.

Then the snow leopard tackles him. And that's that.
But there's more.
 Then a bunch of see creatures come up.
"So this is land!"
"Hey, is this the guy boss?"
"So hairy!"
And so on.
I get out of the water and talk to the sea urchin.
Why'd you make me lose?
Sea Urchin: "Sorry! But quickly come inside!" And he rolls away into the house. Ok...
 See graham. His green necklace is a hidden camera. He spies on you constantly.
Me: I don't know if I believe you...
Fish: But it's true! I know it!
Me: Sorry guys, Please let me be.
Pufferfish: No. Look up there.

They quickly disappear. So that's why the seal was staring at us in our pictures...
Then the yellow eagle came down...
 Claws out. You know what. Now that you know, I'll have to fight you until you say you won't tell anyone.
He was about to get his first lick in when...

Me: That works.
 The send eagle came up to me and said the same thing, when a potted plant fell on his head.

Then he stumbled of like he had one leg.

And that's what happened today.
But I went to say thanks after today to the other snow leopard with the stick and stuff...
And he said: Ralph was my pet... One day he ran away and hit his head hard... He didn't remember anything, so he ran away into your father. His real name is...
Then he collapsed.
OMG What should I do and tell Ralph??